1. The L.A. Times is ripping the great state of Alabama a new one over H.B. 658:

    Under the revised law, known as HB 658, all undocumented immigrants who appear in court for any violation of state law will find their names published on the official state website, along with the names of the judges assigned to their cases and the dispositions. It’s hard to imagine what useful purpose such information might provide other than to shame immigrants and to allow anti-immigrant groups to exert pressure on judges.

    Another new provision requires the state’s Department of Homeland Security to compile an annual progress report updating the Legislature on how efforts to rid Alabama of illegal immigrants are coming along. That will make little difference in the life of most Alabamians, since less than 2% of the state’s residents are believed to be in the country illegally.

    The New York Times is ripping ol’ Dixie a new one over the revised law, too. Ditto the Tri-State Herald. But what do a bunch of morally and literally bankrupt  liberals know about fighting to “take our communities back?”